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ac.biomed: We are testing.experts

ac.biomed is one of the world’s leading testing laboratories for cardiovascular medical devices.

We are experts in what we do: We are biomedical engineers with a strong dedication to cardiovascular devices. ac.biomed is the only European lab that provides the full range of testing per ISO 5840. We are proud of our methods and our testing equipment, which we have developed and validated ourselves.

Our experts provide medical device manufacturers with the best services they need for their products. We are partners for the full life cycle of a new product: the design, international approval, and even production.

ac.biomed is independent. That makes us a trusted partner for manufacturers, notified bodies, and authorities internationally. 


Quality Made in Germany

Aachen is located in the heart of Europe.

Here in Aachen, we have a long-standing history in heart valve testing and over 30 years of expertise. Our location in the pulsating heart of the Technical University of Aachen (RWTH) makes us part of the state-of-the-art in science and technology. We are located on the campus, next door to one of Europe’s biggest hospitals: the University Hospital Aachen. Our multidisciplinary approach from engineering and medicine gives us the best view to our customer needs. ac.biomed is partnered with many RWTH Aachen departments to provide our clients access to the newest technologies.


Service around the world

Our clients are local heroes.

Our clients are global players. Our clients are innovative companies who market their products internationally. Our clients are newcomers & startups. Our clients are established market leaders. Our clients need to respond to international regulatory requirements. We provide our customers with what they need. This is our passion.