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We value your products

With our vast experience we support our customers from the first laboratory samples of their products up to clinical approval and even beyond. Members of our team serve on the international standardization committee for ISO 5840 on heart valve prostheses.

Regulatory testing

ac.biomed conducts testing according to international standards such as ISO 5840. Such studies are of high value for our clients, as they form a vital component of their regulatory approval documentation. Regulatory testing is conducted under our rigorous quality system that conforms to international standards.

For your safety!


Development support

ac.biomed supports our clients during their development phase. From doing quick R&D primary evaluation to in-depth evaluation of laboratory samples, we follow your development process. If you are new to the field, we help evaluate the most beneficial approach with regards to efficiency, efficacy, and scientific validity.

Tell us your approach!


Development of test methods and devices

Your device is novel and highly innovative. Is there no standard yet to follow? We develop, according to your needs, new testing methods that provide evidence of your device’s characteristics or function. Or both. If you want, we can even develop new test equipment that you can use in your own lab, after we have qualified with a preliminary study.